The Hierarchy of Fruit and Veggies

Uncategorized Jun 21, 2021

Feeling overwhelmed by all of the nutrition information out there?  It can be hard to understand what to prioritize when so much information is put before us every single day. We like to think about consumption of fruit and vegetables in a few ways. 


#1 Find Food that You Enjoy!

There's tons of varieties out there, so sometimes it just takes a little bit of experimentation. One thing is for sure, if you don't enjoy eating it, odds are pretty slim you're to continue with the habit! 


#2 Research What is in Season!

Depending on where you live, certain fruit and veggies will be in season at different times of the year. There's a reason that oranges and other citrus fruit takes so great in the winter! It's not fun cutting up dry oranges in the middle of summer. Cherries and strawberries may be a better bet! 


Here's a quick graphic for some seasonal foods to choose from:


#3 Maximize High Volume Foods

Some foods are nutrient dense, while other foods are calorie dense. Generally foods that are more calorie dense can be eaten very quickly and then we still feel hungry. Other foods you can have a ton a volume without adding a ton of calories!


Fruit wise, bananas are a lower volume fruit. You CAN still eat them and we do! But if the goal is to mass, then having bananas really comes in handy! If the goal is to reduce body fat you may be look at 1/3 - 1/2 banana instead. Something like grapefruit or cantaloupe can actually go a long way and you can eat a much higher volume for the same energy equivalent as a whole banana. One takes much longer to eat and may allow to feel more satiated after that meal or snack.


Veggie wise, it's hard to go wrong! Having cucumbers will allow for a higher volume of food versus carrots. Having broccoli will allow for a higher volume of food than lima beans. 


We've gotten a ton of exposure to this through using the RP Diet App for the last 9 months! Depending on the goal, you can get really good at knowing which foods will fit into the meals you're having all while leaving you just the right amount of full! If you want to increase accuracy with nutrition, we highly recommend their app! We have a discount code, too: MAINST10! 


If you have further questions about how to prioritize your fruit and veggies, shoot us a note! We reply to every single one.


Stay strong out there!





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