Imagine tomorrow you wake up confident and capable in your movement. You feel stronger and leaner. You feel well rested and your day is full of new, delicious, and healthy foods. You are ready for any challenge ahead. With consistent practice, that day will be almost every day. We are here to help you discover how.


At Main Street Strength you’ll get active, regardless of what shape you’re in now. You’ll learn to eat better without dieting or depriving yourself from enjoyment. You’ll achieve goals and maintain them, even when life gets busy. All the while, this will become a part of your life without completely taking it over.


For the entirety of your membership, you will meet with your coach once a month to review the prior month’s progress and make training adjustments. Your coach will also help you explore and balance Stress and Recovery in your daily life. This is unique to Main Street Strength.


We are behind you every step of the way.


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